Need hosted services ?

Let us help you find the right solution

We have local datacenters, loads of interconnects, bandwidth to spare and the knowledge of the region.
We also strongly believe in keeping your services local.
That means low latency, quick access, and last but not least, covered and supported by Swedish law and regulations.


Be gentle to your finances
and the environment too.
Let us help you find the equipment that lets you grow ,but to a fraction of the cost.
Need that extra gig of bandwidth or some extra online storage ? We got it covered.


Yes, we need and value them.
We like the idea that we can realize fast changes to competetive prices. Please take a moment to see what our customers think about us. Check out Stickerapp !


NOW, what about beloc ?

Our logo says it all, simple and with a claer reference to what matter to us and our customers.
(green IT)#

Our technical specialists are of Course certified on the technologies we provide
Our main focus areas are network infrastructure and security.
We specialise on the daily infrastructure delivery, everything from the access layer to the core. Some key features are:
Datacenter on the Unified Fabric including storage networks.
Cisco UCS platform.
Cisco Nexus Platform.
Cisco Fabric Interconnect.
Cisco Wireless technologies.
Cisco ASA Firewalls.
Cisco Catalyst switch family.
Wan Accelerators, Cisco and Riverbed
VmWare infrastructure
Load balancers, intrusion prevention systems, proxies and so on.

Let us help you grow and get an competetive edge through our services. We will help you find the right solutions to grow in that does not go out of scale tomorrow.

  • Monitor your network

    Let us help you set up monitoring to help yourself making the right decisions.

  • Plan ahead

    Set a baseline, know your status and protect your investment. Sounds easy, and it is, we offer solutions that automate and generate alerts when you are growing out of size.


    Sometimes it just needs to happen over night, we understand this and can accomodate most need within a few hours, if not we will help you find someone that can.

  • Know whats up

    Let us make up-to-date diagrams of you network with the latest automated tools, get reports and diagrams to visualize future problems before they happen.